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Keeping romance alive is a subtle art.


Keeping romance alive is a subtle art.

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and my U.S. History teacher was trying to get us to understand why it was such a big deal that England had put a tax on colonial sugar, and he goes,

"What if you had to pay a tax every time you logged onto wifi?"

And the whole class just went


and I heard at least two people whisper “I would murder someone”

The perfect comparison. 

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i mean im not saying the inquisitor will probably die at the end to save us from the demons

but im saying the inquisitor might die at the end to save us from the demons

which one’s judas

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fuck girls but also fuck girls you feel me

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I think you’re cute

cute as in I wanna hear what you sound like while experiencing an orgasm

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lets have phone sex over walkie talkies

"I’ll make you moan, over"

"bend over"
"bend what? over"

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being gay before the invention of lube must have been a pain in the ass

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  • Rest of the World: Kilometers
  • America: No
  • Rest of the World: Celsius
  • America: No
  • Rest of the World: Daylight savings was last week
  • America: NO
  • Rest of the World: day month year
  • America: No
  • Rest of the World: drives on right side of the street
  • America: HELL YESSSS
  • UK: wait

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